Behind almost every problem lies a transformed desire.

Systemic optimism

A principle of systemic therapy and counseling is: conflicts and problems have their meaning. An idea that may sound wrong at first and in no way wants to downplay pain and hopelessness. The goal of the approach is to grasp painful feelings and patterns in such a way that it becomes possible to make their meaning usable. Now as well as for the past and future.

You set the course, because who could have more insight into your soul and your life than you? At the same time, everyone knows moments and periods in which one doubts, loses orientation and strength. Even though profound crises and problems are part of life, they block us at times or hold us captive. I am convinced they want to tell us something, be it mediated through the soul, physically, in partnership, profession or family.

I offer cooperation at eye level and space for search and development. Flexible in rhythm and methodical approach. In an appreciative, confident and neutral attitude, a view of the need(s) behind the suffering can emerge. You recognize what your goal can look like. Concrete solutions are developed and tested together. At the end of the day, even good solutions have their price, but a less high one.

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Drinking tea always works.

Adam Sello *1974 - Graduate psychologist

Following my psychology degree at the FU Berlin, I founded the media agency anzeigeberlin for video and photography in 2001 and worked independently in the world of international skateboarding for 15 years. I lived my dream, a time I look back on with pleasure.

In 2016 I began training as a systemic consultant at the GST Berlin. During these years I got to know a wonderful image of man and also benefited immensely from it personally in the context of self-awareness. Therefore, I also decided to go through the qualification as a Systemic Therapist and Family Therapist. In the summer of 2021 I received the certification of the largest European organization of systemic therapists, the DGSF.

On an academic basis and with the help of a systemic toolbox, I help clients to ask themselves questions and concerns and to identify valuable needs information behind problems. Otherwise, drinking tea is always possible.

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Focal length, aperture and focus.

Right here?

Due to my passion for skateboarding and as a father, I believe I understand the language of young people in Berlin as well as typical patterns and concerns. A focus of mine has recently been on clients in the tension of work, private life and the finiteness of youth. It is often a matter of recognizing how small and low-threshold the first facilitating steps are. Sometimes curiosity arises in the process and the courage to address deeper levels.

Successful psychological collaboration happens within an authentic interpersonal relationship. I have chosen to use images for this website that I have photographed in my previous job. An intuitive selection. Hopefully they give an idea of who I am. Because an important systemic insight is: we can use our past life - successes, but also all the crap - as a resource for future, growth and change.

I also offer couples and entire families safe space for clarification processes. In an all-partial attitude I accompany their encounter and communication, with the desire to change something, to test this and to implement it step by step.

My offer is subject to a permit for the professional practice of medicine in the field of psychotherapy (Gesundheitsamt Tempelhof-Schöneberg). It is aimed at self-payers and is based on usual hourly rates. Financially needy people receive reduced rates*. Of course, everything is subject to the legal duty of confidentiality.

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If this is not yet the right moment, it will come.

Everything has its time

Timing is everything. Even processes that only last a few hours can make a big difference. Sometimes it's easy, and just one conversation relieves pressure, gives hope, and makes us want more. Perhaps paradoxical interventions bring helpful disruption and get us moving. And often enough curiosity is rewarded and a first, searching step, is according to Robert Musil in his wonderful novel "The Man Without Qualities", less important than the second.

Of course it's a risk. Just getting in touch costs a lot of effort. And it's true that every change involves the risk of failure. It's also possible that a deeper engagement will require you to leave your comfort zone. But I would encourage you to do so. Everything has its time.

In the initial meeting we look at what concerns you have and whether and how we would like to work together. Please contact me by phone or email. I look forward to meeting you.

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Space for systemic dynamics.

Systemic therapy and consulting in Berlin, Charlottenburg

Graduate psychologist Adam Sello
certified according to DGSF e.V. guidelines

Activity in accordance with a permit by the Gesundheitsamt Tempelhof-Schöneberg for the professional practice of medicine without a medical certificate - limited to the field of psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerelaubnis für Psychotherapie)

Leibnizstr. 59 (VH, 3. OG)
10629 Berlin

Phone: 0170 3243205

80 Euros / Single session 50 minutes
120 Euros / Couple session 90 minutes

*if necessary, reduced fees are also possible

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